Aladdin Herb consists of 37 kinds of flowers and herbs in ultra-effective skin care products of herbal extracts

What is ALADDIN HERB 37®?

It is an ancient recipe made by the distillation of 37 herbs and the use of the ancient manufacturing process, dating back to 1516. This particular procedure was already being used in the 1400’s. Various elixirs were mainly used to treat damaged skin. In 1095 the monks had been successfully using various herbal products to treat skin illnesses. The Aladdin Herb 37® has brought back to the present this ancient process and is the first in the world to use this in the beauty and skin health industry Alpha.

Why do we need the ALADDIN HERB 37®

The formula used by the monks was already very effective for skin beauty and health restoration in the middle century. In today’s world, more and more people suffer from skin problems as stress affects our skin. It is very difficult to heal by natural methods without chemicals and at a price one can afford. Aladdin Herb 37® is a 100% natural formula. This ancient method brings back hope to restore the skin back to being healthy, young and beautiful.

Why is ALADDIN Herb 37® exceptionally effective?

Historically, the monks had lived all their lives in nature, studied the effects of the herbs and flowers on themselves, and worked out the precise quantity and assortment. The skin showed rapid and amazing results. The Aladdin Herb 37® is prepared exactly this way.


This amazing product, used effectively to safeguard and provide physical barrier in a lot of conditions like:
Skin irritation - Skin pain - Itchy skin - Skin infections - Skin injuries - Fungal infection of the skin.
Soften wrinkles - Freckles - Spots - Refreshes the skin after shaving, after cosmetic facial treatment - After epilating - After Acne treatment leaving the skin feeling fresh and smooth and looking radiant and younger .
Safeguard from sunburn - wasps, mosquitoes and other insect bites. - Morning foot care, foot hygiene.

Herbs Used in Aladdin Herb 37® Complex

Aladdin Herb 37 is made by distillation of 37 herbs, an ancient recipe based on the production process described. This special manufacturing process has also been used in the 1400s and earlier centuries used for making various elixirs, which successfully treated damaged skin and various skin diseases. The ALADDIN HERB 37® brought back into our present age this ancient procedure. it is world’s first use of this recipe in the cosmetics industry for skin health, beauty treatment and preservation.

ALADDIN HERB 37® has been helping people for over 6 centuries

How can prepared herb elixir still be so effective? The answer is very short, but the realization itself took several generations. The secret lies in the sophisticated education, knowledge and life experience of the monks. These healing monks devoted their entire lives to studying the effects of natural herbs and flowers

The masterpiece of nature and the common human
concentration of active agents
premium aromatic and medicinal herbs

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