Application of Aladdin Herbs 37

Wherever you go, wherever life takes you, it is good to have a companion you can rely on.

Parents, children, grandparents, relatives so every one in your family can use it and enjoy the benefi cial eff ect of ALADDIN MAGIC HERB®. It is simple to use ALADDIN MAGIC HERB®: only a moment and it has a long-lasting eff ect… You can feel the eff ect of aromatic fl owers and herbs immediately and enjoy their benefi t for a long time, whenever you use it. The true power of ALADDIN MAGIC HERB® What can you use ALADDIN MAGIC for? The complex effects of ALADDIN MAGIC HERB® due to the synergy of medicinal herbs and plants render quite a wide range of applications possible in restoring skin problems, and in safeguarding the beauty and the health of our skin. – Skin irritation – Skin pain – Itchy skin – Skin infections – Skin injuries – Fungal infection of the skin – Aging skin – Wrimkles – Freckles – Skin restucturing – Spots – Cellulite – Facial skin after shaving – After cosmetic facial treatment – After epilating – Piles – Acne – Sprying the face after bathing in the morning or evening for general refreshing – For bites from wasps, mosquitoes and other insects, for nettle-rash – Neck stiffness – Sprains – Strains – Soothing skin – Bruises – Cold sores – Sunburn and other burn injuries – Hairloss – Dandruff – Swellnig due to bumping – Painful, tired legs – Against bacterial infections (e.g.morning foot care, foot hyiene) – Frost-bite.

Aladdin Herb 37 is now famous as magic herb for a lot of ocmplex and chronic skin diseases treatment

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