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Medical opinions: Dr. Ildiko Szalay chief physician and dermatologist

Decades of professional experience confirmed by the use of medical sprays. Besides the domestic herbal extracts now is also available a classic spray, contains 37 plants, called ARQUEBUSE WATER. If the former are also effective, what does this preparation. To satisfy my curiosity initially I offered this preparation to help for my patients who are difficult to influence. SHOW THEM WHAT IT KNOW! Trust my own expreience confirmed when I used this product for insect bite, strong inflammation of the skin, successfully. In all cases within ½-1 hour there was spectacular improvement. I offered the product (ARQUEBUSE WATER) in the following cases: -Frequently recurring seborrheic dermatitis on scalp and face. The ithcing subsided after 2-3 days. -Psoriasis: Rapid improvements were seen in all cases which has been active for decades. The patient’s life has been changed positively after a few weeks. Ulcers: Besides variety of background conditions ulcers have existed for many years show significant improvement. Vasculitis: The pain was improved within a few days, inflammatory simptoms rapidly improved. Eczema: Previously offered only in severe cases. Rapid reduction in inflammation observed. With reduced daily use, treatment should be continued. Due to the dry skin emollient cream recommended. Severe dyshidrosis: For my surprise healed in 2-3 days with thermal spray. The blister fluid absorbed, a painful swelling disappeared. Rosacea: Using the Aladdin WATER reduces the active symptomatic period. High vasoconstrictor effect. Erysipelas: rapid improvement of inflammation and swelling. Healing without residual symptoms were observed. Using the product did not meet an allergic reaction. Probably due to the many components if such reactions occur, the anti-inflammatory effect removes it. Advantages: -Due to a number of component all of abnormal reaction of the skin can affect. -Easy of use -excellent first-aid tools at traveling and sports. -long traveling convenient, no need for „clear hands”. Don’t hesitate to recommend this product anyone why has any known skin problems. I recommend for all household for first aid, for example: a small compustion area, scalding, insect bite, sunburn, muscle strain, sports injuries…! Dr. Szalay Ildikó Pediatrician and dermatologist chief medical

„Aladdin Hers is recommended from many Chef DOctors as recommended treatment for many complex cases.”

Medical opinion Professor István Bandics doctor, naturopath, homeopath.

The Arquebuse Water made from many herbal concentrates without side effects compared to chemical medicines. Also perfect for swollen, edematous body part, ulcerative skin surface, for stress, restlessness, limitation of mevement. According to these syndromes enhance the proper functioning of the lymphatic, thereby improving the microcirculation. Significant analgesic effect, pleasant odor. Dry eczema: improves skin microcirculation, thereby increases the metabolism of the skin. In few days noticeable in skin regeneration, smooth divorce, comfort is restored. Nasal congestion: Be careful! In nose very hot for 15 seconds. Should be told the patient in advance. The effect is very good. Multiple repetitions tweak the intensity decreases. Eradicate bacteria in the throat with soaked gauze is very effective. Only physicians perform! Leg ulcers: spray 3-6 times a day on broken skin. The micro-circulation is restored, lymphoedema terminated. Reduction in pain and odor. Excellent therapeutic effect! Psoriasis: with other internal treatment is potent. Blow 4-6 times a day, let it dry and absorbe. Spiritual healing is very important combinated with homeopathy. Medicus curat, Natura snat. I confirm the natural, beneficial effect of Arquebuse Water. Prof. Bandics István Doctor, naturopath, homeop


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